Reader applauds letter


I want to thank you for the courage to print the letter from David George on abortion on Feb. 14, 2017. It was so encouraging to read the truth being printed and not the edited version of “political correct” version of the truth. Somehow we let truth and common sense in America get set aside. In its place we receive misleading half-truths and silence on issues to further the “political correct” agenda. Years ago I watched a Senate debate on abortion. From it I learned the horrific truth of why an abortionist on a partial birth abortion must turn the baby to bring it out feet first. It was not for the comfort of the mother. It was because if it came feet first it was not considered to be a baby. If the head came out first then the baby is considered human and then it is murder! Where is common sense? These are the people who make our laws and run our country! Again, thank you Mr. George for all you do to save lives. To the Urbana Daily Citizen, thank you for the unedited truth.

Judy Beard


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