Local reader details abortion procedure


The Associated Press news brief in the Daily Citizen (Feb. 11, page 2) on abortion requires qualification.

“Dilation and Evacuation” (D & E) is illustrated by Dr. Anthony Levatino (youtube.com/watch?v=ESqdmQFTNhe), who performed over 1200 abortions until one day he assembled the baby parts he had torn from a womb and realized that he had taken a human life for money. Despite pro-abortion advocates’ claim that D & E is the safest procedure for 20-week babies’ “evacuation,” the hand-length baby must be torn apart, legs first and head last (which is crushed).

At least five risks to the mother follow the procedure, including uterine infection. We also know that the baby feels terrible pain as it is ripped apart, though it has as yet no voice.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio says that Sen. Matt Huffman’s reforms would “interfere with doctor-patient relationships,” but in reality most aborting women skip the doctor and head for an abortion facility. And “choice” refers to the woman, not to the hapless child in her womb.

The nation’s over-a-million annual infant losses by abortion mean that the natural replacement rate of the population has to be supplemented by importing labor. How much better to bring those babies to birth and use the support networks that exist in every U.S. town (which include adoption).

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