Gaver thanks Mechanicsburg community


To the community of Mechanicsburg,

It has been my privilege and honor to serve the great community of Mechanicsburg as a board member on the Mechanicsburg Schools Board of Education. When I decided to run 11 years ago, it was my goal to be of use to our community in whatever capacity was needed. I hope I have not failed you, and I have tried hard to be beneficial to all in some small way.

As a board member, most of my memories have been happy, pleasant, and fulfilling. I was able to see the new school open because of the generosity of our great community, work with great people along the way, and watch our students make us proud in so many ways.

We also faced some difficult times but through it all we persevered. Cutting jobs during turbulent times was among the most difficult and heart wrenching of decisions, because those decisions altered lives of those whom we truly care about. These decisions were only made when there were no alternatives.

I have served for 11 years, and now it is time to resign for retirement purposes. I want to thank you for supporting me, for being patient, and never giving up on the great legacy of Mechanicsburg Schools. Without you, the community, none of the past success we have enjoyed would be possible. You have a great board, and an incredible administration, and an outstanding staff working together to assure you that we are, and continue to be, the “Best Small School in Ohio!” Go ‘Burg!

God bless you all and thanks again,

Danny Gaver


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