Circus trips offered to county schools


Being the wife of a Shriner, my husband has been in charge of sending out letters to the county schools so the fourth-graders may attend the circus. This is paid for by the Champaign County Shrine Club. The last several years the only school that has responded and attended the circus is West Liberty-Salem. It’s sad that the other three county schools have declined for many reasons. One of the reasons is they can’t afford to pay the bus drivers and for gas. WL-S has each child pay to ride the bus, which goes toward paying the bus driver and for gas.

Too bad solutions like this couldn’t be thought of for the other area schools if this was their reason for not attending. I have a fourth-grader this year but he has gotten to attend many years because of his grandfather being a Shriner. It just makes me sad that this could be the only time a child could take advantage of this event paid for by our Champaign County Shriners.

Pam Spellman


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