Reader questions AP coverage of protests


The AP article (Citizen, 12 Nov., p.1) about Trump protesters flooding the streets lacks background. True, there is mention of an organizer and a photo of professionally made signs.

The truth is that there are many organizers, whose names may be found at They are professionals paid to reverse the recent election. As for the printed signs, they take four days to prepare, which means that the Democratic National Committee got them ordered by Tuesday, Nov. 8. Many of the protesters were bused in, and there is breaking news that they are paid by the hour.

AP is treated by the DNC as an arm of its campaign, but AP does not publish its affiliation as required of all party publications.

When Jan. 22 comes around, over 100,000 pro-lifers will be demonstrating peacefully in Washington D.C. against the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision to legalize abortion. It is a good bet that AP will neither report this as front-page news nor send any aerial photos to its affiliated newspapers. Yet the protest is far more important than anything by the DNC, which wants unrestricted abortion paid for by all taxpayers. That’s because it will not acknowledge that over 3,000 unborn infants are destroyed daily, many cut up for parts to be sold. Obviously, such slaughter defies the Constitution (“the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”).

Sincerely yours

David George

President, Champaign County RTL

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