An open letter to the school bully …


To the editor,

We have a problem with bullying in our schools. We need to have an open talk with our kids about the affects bullying has on others. After the recent situation in our community, I wrote the following letter to the bully. I am encouraging parents and school districts to read it to their students.

Thank you,

Holly Hess


Dear Bully:

It’s me, your target. I sit in my room all alone, crying. You don’t see my tears. I wonder what I did to make you hate me so much. I can’t help that I brown hair, green eyes, and braces. Yes, I’m overweight but it’s a medical condition. My mom and dad say that I’m beautiful to them. I don’t believe them though.

As the tears roll down my checks, I have a lot of things on my mind. Questions that only you can answer. I deserve that much.

Does it make you feel good that I ran to the bathroom in tears again because of your words? Did throwing spitwads at me make you feel like the big man on campus? Still think it’s funny 20 plus years later when your little boy comes home and says, “dad, I was called four-eyes again. Why do I have to wear them?” as he is sobbing. You have no answers, but you march into the school to talk to the principal. He reassures you it won’t happen again. But, it continues and he wasn’t protected. Now, as a parent, you are wondering why your son is so withdrawn from the world. Welcome to my world.

Does it make you feel proud that I believe your words when you call me ugly? Does it make you feel proud that you ruined the sweater my grandma knitted me. I just lost her a month ago to cancer. It was the last thing she made for me. She was my best friend. Does it make you proud that you were the leader in my torture? Wait until your daughter comes home and asks for brand name clothes that you can afford because you lost your good paying job down at the factory in town.

Explain to me why it’s funny that my parents separated or that I don’t know one of them because of their decisions. I’d do anything to have them together, but I know it’s not possible. Not every home life is the same. I do know that my parents love me for who I am. Always there for my programs.

Did you know that I am a straight A student? Did you know that I just received my green belt in karate? Did you know that I just played a solo at church with my trumpet? Did you know I just accepted Jesus in my life? He loves me the way I am. Bet you didn’t know that my brother is fighting for his life for your family. He’s deployed and has to miss my recital tonight. It bugs him; just as much as it does me. He is the only one who believed in me.

Do you care that I’m all alone? Do you care that I just wanted to come to your birthday party and feel that I belonged? See, I’m scared to tell you to go fly a kite. I can think of a million things to say to you when I sit on my bed with my pillow to my face. I can’t let them hear me crying. I would pay good money to watch your Bully to stuff you in a trash can. The sad thing is that I would help you out of the trash can, because it’s who I am. But, you don’t know that; do you?

See, we are the same. We make look different. Yet, we bleed red when we get hurt. We have the same feelings. The only difference is that you have an ego problem and I don’t.

Just remember, it’s your fault that I feel the way I do. It’s your actions and words that led to it. I just wanted to be treated nicely. I hope one day you get what I’m getting. I shouldn’t have to fear getting on the bus or going to school. Yet, you made me feel that way. It’s the teachers that ignored my pleas of help. I have no choice to hide from you just to escape the torture.

One other thing, Bully. I am different from you because I have a conscience. I care how I treat others. That makes me better than you. I have succeeded something in life. When the day comes, my purpose will be greater than yours because I will have changed somebody’s life. That’s right, I’m a hero.


Your target

Dedicated to those who are dealing with bullying.

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