Then but not Now – yet: Lippincott, Ohio


Help is needed. “Greetings from Lippincott, Ohio” is an unused postcard, therefore there is no definite date of the“Then” photograph card. About 1920 is a guess of the time frame this lovely fall scene was printed on this card, given the yellowing of the card, the simple printing, and the hand coloring of the view. Lippincott was and still is the name of a short road in Champaign County, Ohio, running East and West between U.S. Route 68 and Valley Pike in Salem Township.

The area along Lippincott Road was never platted as a village, but it once had a general store near the railroad tracks that crosses it. Research, so far, has not revealed much about Lippincott, sometimes referred to as Lippincott Station. The only thing found, so far in any local history books consulted, is that in 1914 E. V. King bought the Lippincott General Store from Frank Musselman. King demolished the old building in 1919 and built the building that still stood there in 1997.

1997 was the date when the Historical Facts and Trivia of Champaign County was published by the Champaign County Genealogical Society. It being the only written history mentioning Lippincott anything. Too bad they recently voted to disband for lack of leadership.

The account goes on to say that in 1964 the Kings celebrated their 50th Anniversary of the store with the business finally closing in the 1990’s. There are other buildings near the general store but nothing has ever been written down about them. It is hoped that readers will come forth with information about this area for our records and maybe something about the once, close by Park Seed Farm that did business in this area.

This “then” photograph features an iron bridge crossing a stream. Does anyone know where it was located and what it looks like “Now”? When checked out on the internet, information about Lippincott, Ohio, reveals that it is 6 miles NNW from Urbana; 10.8 miles ENE from Saint Paris, 11.7 miles WSW of North Lewisburg, 4.1 miles SSW from West Liberty and 3.6 miles NW of Kings Creek. Lippincott is in one of the original townships of our county dating back to 1805. Lippincott is in the slightly northern middle of the county. It does not show up on the 1784 Atlas of Champaign County but yet it shows up on the internet as a populated area. This scene was taken where there is a running creek bed, requiring an iron bridge for vehicles to cross over it, and the nearby banks are wooded. Maps reveal Mackachack Creek is the only major waterway in the nearby area. With the steep approach to the bridge it might be a private bridge and not a public roadway crossing. It would be interesting to know if anyone recognizes where this picture was captured so that a “Now” photo could be taken. “Now” the only business in 2016 at Lippincott is the Kiser auction house. It is hoped that someone will tell the historical society more of the story of Lippincott, Ohio, for the record books, before it is lost forever. Call 937-834-2916 and tell us what you know, or stop by 809 East Lawn Avenue and tell us the history of Lippincott and if you cannot come to us we will come to you. Help us won’t you please.

The Champaign County Historical Society is seeking information about this post card photo, such as when it may have been taken and exactly where and what the area looks like now. Champaign County Historical Society is seeking information about this post card photo, such as when it may have been taken and exactly where and what the area looks like now. Submitted photo

By Sherry Virts

Champaign County Historical Society

Submitted by the Champaign County Historical Society.

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