School bored blues


In regards to the endless school saga I noted with interest the response from Mr. Thiel about where they got the money to buy the land.

Due diligence?

If you had that much money set aside why not use it to upgrade and modernize the existing buildings?

The buildings have no structural issues, are kept very clean and I hear no complaints from the students.

The other still unanswered question is why so much land for one or 2 buildings.

Schools are the heart of the community and there are a lot of open areas in town (unless you need 60 acres for a 2-acre building) that work fine.

Having lived here 30 years this deal with the school ranks up there with the no pass bypass.

Lots of taxpayer dollars spent, hours spent and nothing. Mark Twain was right with his comments on school boards.

Wes Beery (still snookered)


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