Terre Haute Cemetery is well cared for


To the Mad River Township Trustees Brent Laughman, Mike Ward and Dave Riley,

Last year my wonderful and loving wife Pat was interned in the Terre Haute Cemetery. Since that time I have spent many hours at her resting place. I have had many people ask me, “You know that she is not there don’t you?” I know that but I also know that was the last place that I was physically with her. During the times I was there I observed the trustees and assistants in the fall removing wilted flowers around grave sites and emptying trash barrels, during the winter keeping the roadways clear of snow for easy access, in early spring removing the debris left from winter storms, trimming trees and shrubs and during the summer mowing the grounds and trimming around the grave sites – just keeping the grounds in immaculate condition.

Our cemetery is not only a place to inter loved ones. It is a place where one can remember the past and to dream of the future, a place to reminisce in peace and solitude, read a book, listen to music in quietness, to walk the pathways for exercise or just a place to relax, breathe the fresh air and see beautiful floral arrangements decorations.

I want to thank you, trustees and associates, for your commitment and dedication in maintaining the grounds of Terre Haute Cemetery.

Edwin Corwin member of the Terre Haute Community

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