Right to Life thanks 5K participants

Champaign County Right to Life would like to thank the runners, walkers and cyclists who came out for the annual 5K Run/Walk/Bike on a rainy Saturday morning, April 30, on the Simon Kenton trail. Also thanks go to the many donors and sponsors who contributed to the cost and fund-raising prior to the event.

CCRTL seeks to save lives that could be lost to abortion. Annually, this county loses 34 lives, Ohio loses over 21,000, and the nation loses 1,141,200 or 3,600 daily. Profits at Planned Parenthood ($127 million in 2013-14) are covered by the $528 million of taxpayer money that the government funnels to the business. Rob Stein, NPR news, May 5, reported that Cambridge University has just finished closely observing the growth of a new human embryo for two weeks in a lab. The rapidly developing complexity of the organism amazed the scientists, one of whom said that it was unlike the growth of any animal embryo over the same period.

Currently the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a lawsuit challenging the legality of that part of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare’) that requires almost all employers (including churches and pro-life Americans) to include abortion in their health insurance coverage. Petitions in support of the plaintiffs are available by calling or e-mailing Champaign County Right to Life. The results of this petition drive are sent to the Supreme Court justices and also to Members of Congress, the 2016 candidates for the Presidency and Congress, Christian leaders, and the news media.

David George

President, Champaign County Right to Life

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