Then and Now: East of Pennsylvania Depot

Then and Now photos from Ohio’s Champaign County Historical Society’s newly assembled collection features the Pennsylvania Railroad Depot and Station platform with a modest Urbana Mills operation on the right side of the tracks. This ca 1949 view looks southwest down the railroad tracks crossing Miami Street.

The tracks no longer exist in the 2015 “Now” view; the Urbana Mills has certainly grown larger over the years; and the Simon Kenton bike path has replaced the railroad tracks.

The 1949 photo has an interesting brick walkway with a freight/baggage hauling cart sitting on the walkway. Notice a sign announcing the “Urbana” station to the railroad train passengers traveling by that is perched atop the waiting area shelter.

The photo collection was assembled by active Historical Society member Ward Lutz to further record Champaign County’s changes over the years. This set of pictures has the catalogue number 0318. Remarks are by Sheryl Virts, local historian.

East of Pennsylvania Depot, circa 1949 of Pennsylvania Depot, circa 1949

East of Pennsylvania Depot, 2015 of Pennsylvania Depot, 2015

By Sheryl Virts

Champaign County Historical Society

Submitted by the Champaign County Historical Society.

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