Then and Now: From train track to bike path


Champaign County Historical Society’s newly assembled photo collection, Then and Now, number A 1015, features an Erie Railroad Locomotive belching black smoke from its coal burning engine moving across Miami Street, in 1940, Urbana, Ohio. Notice the impressive set of warning signals and crossing guards to hold back automobile traffic on the busy street. The three story W. H. Marvin Company building was built beside the tracks for convenience in acquiring its shipments of fresh food products for processing, re-packaging and shipping out to other locations.

The “Now” photo taken in 2015 shows the same handsome building standing tall now utilized by All-Phase Electric Supply Company, 600 Miami Street, with its fleet of delivery trucks parked in back. Th railroad track right-of-way has been used for the Simon Kenton bike trail.

Both photos are looking east toward the viaduct over Miami Street. The photo collection was assembled by active Historical Society member Ward Lutz with commentary by historian Sheryl Virts.

Miami Street, 1940 Street, 1940

Miami Street 1915 Street 1915

By Sheryl Virts

Champaign County Historical Society

Submitted by the Champaign County Historical Society.

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