Thieving teen needs to get a job


If you are the parent of a young black male teen around the ages of 16-19, about 6 feet tall, maybe 150 pounds with dreadlocks (worn on top of his head during this incident) with a black hoodie, purple backpack and a nice gold watch … please ask him where he was on Monday, March 28 around 3 p.m. Your son got the idea that he was somehow entitled to my husband’s bike, that was in our gated/fenced in yard, behind our house. He got the idea that he was at liberty to trespass on our property to steal our property. He got caught in the act. We were home and one of my boys literally chased him down and got the bike back, but not before your son tried to fight for his ill-gotten gains. Even though we managed to retrieve our stolen property, I still filed a police report and they are looking for him. So please let your son know for future reference: if something belongs to someone else, he doesn’t have the right to take it. I hope he gets caught and punished. If he wants and needs a bike so badly, help him get a job! He’s plenty old enough!

Becky Howard


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