School site should be to south


I agree with the article written by Donald L. Barger which appeared in the Urbana Daily Citizen on January 29. It is a more reasonable site for the new schools.

I grew up in Urbana and graduated from Urbana High, married and moved away. Upon retiring I relocated back to my home town and bought a home on Dorothy Moore Avenue because it is a mature and quiet community. If Boyce Street and Washington Avenue are extended to Community Drive, the amount of traffic it will create is more than I want to cope with. Considering there will be more that 1,500 children and the many teachers, buses and cars going through, this area is of a great concern. If that should happen, then I will consider selling and moving to a new location, at a great loss to me.

I would think that it would cost less to upgrade the schools that we now have instead of building new ones. But if that is not what the school board wants, then build on land that has existing water, sewer lines, room for parking and with easy access from South U.S. Route 68 and state Route 55. This is the site that Mr. Barger suggested, located behind the Community Center and seems like an excellent location.

Beverly J. Lambert


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