American flag displays should be maintained properly


Every day I pass the Monument in the Square and the first thing I look at is our American flag and instead of pride I am disgusted. The flag is never taken care of properly by anyone anymore. The flag right now in the middle of our roundabout is torn and tattered with strings hanging off it and even our state flag looks that way. All around town I see people with flag poles in their yard but not taking care of the flag. It makes me so upset. With everything that is happening right now in our country we need to uphold something that stands for our nation and the flag is one of them. Soldiers died for that flag and the meaning behind it. My fiance’ served this country and was injured doing his duty and takes pride in the flag and when it is just left to be flown the way it is now, it gives veterans and soldiers a feeling like it doesn’t matter to anyone anymore. It is not just cloth put together by string. It is the blood, sweat, and tears of men and women who have fought and paid the ultimate price for this country for that freedom to fly high. I take pride in that flag, my children take pride in it and know that their daddy fought for that flag, and people in this town should take pride in it and take care of it. If you can’t take care of it correctly, then don’t fly it. It’s a staple to this nation and it needs to be shown the respect it deserves.

Mariah Lattimer


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