Local woman appreciates small-town kindness

During this season of joy, thanksgiving, giving and receiving, I am eager to thank many persons who have brightened my day throughout the year. I cannot name all, but I hope that former colleagues and students, friends and neighbors, and persons I have met through churches and organizations will read this as a tribute to themselves. I will be eternally grateful to persons who have helped me in so many ways. This includes the staff of the Urbana Daily Citizen, and Mr. Musser, my paper carrier.

Recently, I have had persons unknown to me assist me in various ways. So thank you to two men who befriended me at the Urbana Christmas Horse Parade, a gentleman who purchased an expensive grocery item for me, the off-duty fireman who noticed a short in an electric lamp (which may have saved my house from a fire), and those who have assisted me up or down a curb, or who carried a music stand for me.

I wish the wonderful citizens of this area, who consistently make my life so enjoyable, a very happy and blessed New Year!

Janet Ebert