Horse Parade in Urbana was labor of love


On Nov. 28, Jeretta Aldridge organized the First Annual Horse parade for Urbana. Myself and a friend came from Greenville, Ohio, to ride in this parade. I am the chairman of the Hometown Holiday Horse Parade that was voted Best Parade in Ohio in 2015. In less than two months she put together a parade that honored a friend of many horse people, Jim Clark. This parade was mostly funded by Jeretta and she worked hard herself to pull it off, especially in the rain. We rode despite the rain and the cold and she walked making sure her participants were safe from traffic.

I want to tell the great people of Urbana – who came out regardless of the bad weather to watch us and cheered us on as they yelled encouragement and thanks for coming to give them a chance to see the horses and the beautiful lights – how much it meant to be on a horse in the cold and wet and hear how grateful they were. Thank you people of Urbana who stood in the cold and rain to watch us. Lastly and most importantly, I would like to congratulate Jeretta on her first annual horse parade and we will be here next year to ride again. Thank you Jeretta for all your hard work. It is not easy pulling everything together but you did a fantastic job!

Diana Stebbins


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