Jordan speaks to students at Urbana University


Prior to his early afternoon flight to Washington D.C. on Monday, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) made a pit stop at Barclay Hall on the campus of Urbana University to speak with students about their career aspirations after college.

Citing his own personal journey from an assistant wrestling coach at The Ohio State University to his current position as a U.S. representative for Ohio’s fourth congressional district, Jordan told the students, “If you’ve got a goal you want to achieve or some objective you want to obtain, don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it.”

For those students considering a political career after college, Jordan shared a bit of advice.

“If you are interested in politics, don’t hesitate to get involved,” he said. “Next year there are going to be all kinds of campaigns you can get involved with. Young people involved in politics is a good thing.”

As for the 2016 presidential race, Jordan took a moment to weigh in on the Republican Party’s candidates.

“I actually think we have a good field on our side,” he said.

Jordan, who has spoken to classes at UU in the past, made this particular visit at the request of Christopher Starbuck, an adjunct professor at UU. The two men first met in the 1980s while attending Grace Chapel in West Liberty.

“Jim has spoken twice before to my classes,” Starbuck said. “This spring, while I was at Jim’s house, he mentioned that he enjoyed visiting with the students, so we agreed to try to make it work again.”

In the past, Starbuck said, Jordan has addressed students in his Ohio History class, but because of scheduling issues, Jordan was invited to speak to his world civilization class and a fellow professor’s political science class.

“I think it’s important for the students to get to know our political leaders and realize that they are normal people like themselves,” Starbuck said. “Also, maybe some of the students might be inspired to try their hand at government someday.

“My goal for Jim’s visit is that the students will feel more in touch with their government and reflect on how they personally might make our country better,” he added.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) is pictured speaking to Urbana University students on Monday at Barclay Hall. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) is pictured speaking to Urbana University students on Monday at Barclay Hall.

By Joshua Keeran

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