County voter turnout: 48.25 percent


The following are unofficial vote tallies for Champaign and surrounding counties (where the issue/elected seat crosses county lines). Unofficial vote tallies include absentee ballots, but not provisionals. Voter turnout is estimated at 48.25 percent in Champaign County, 47.7 percent in Logan County, 61.6 percent in Shelby County, and 46.5 percent in Union and Madison counties. Official vote counts will be held Nov. 17 for Champaign, Logan and Union counties, Nov. 16 for Shelby County, and Nov. 24 for Madison County.

Champaign County voters helped pass State Issue 1, creating a redistricting commission, with 7,504 yes votes and 3,678 no votes. County voters helped pass State Issue 2, prohibiting monopolies, with 6,010 yes votes and 5,744 no votes. County voters helped defeat State Issue 3, legalizing marijuana, with 4,306 yes votes and 7,594 no votes.

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Results are Champaign County unofficial tallies unless otherwise noted.

Urbana Mayor

Bill Bean (R) 2,215

Urbana Council President

Marty Hess (D) 1,813

Urbana Council at Large

Patrick Thackery (R) 1,862

Urbana Council 2nd Ward

Cledis M. Scott (R) 623

Urbana Council 4th Ward

(Vote for 1)

Everett Ray Piper (D) 322

Richard Ebert (R) 88

Christiansburg Village Mayor

(Vote for 1)

Jennifer Litteral 80

Charles E. Lyons, III 113

Christiansburg Village Council

(Vote for 2)

Charles D. Fay 154

Mechanicsburg Village Mayor

Gregory E. Kimball 290

Mechanicsburg Village Council

(Vote for 2)

Christian Bradford 147

Jodi Eileen Compton 200

Charles E. Foss 234

Mutual Village Mayor

No candidate filed

Mutual Village Council

No candidate filed

North Lewisburg Village Mayor

Cheryl J. Hollingsworth 337

North Lewisburg Village Council

(Vote for 2)

Gwen Beech 177

Nathan Holycross 127

Dennis K. Lamb. 113

Susan M. Woodard 209

St. Paris Village Mayor

(Vote for 1)

Brad Kennedy 199

Joseph W. Reneer 374

St. Paris Village Council

(Vote for 2)

Tyler Adkins 331

Terry W. Ervin, II 288

Niven Jester 287

Woodstock Village Mayor

Jackie Hayes 19

Woodstock Village Council

No candidate filed

Adams Township Trustee

Kevin Mitchell Pence 265

Adams Township Fiscal Officer

Mary Jo Kies 268

Concord Township Trustee

(Vote for 1)

Jason McKinney 173

Caren J. Wagner 305

Concord Township Fiscal Officer

Penelope L. Dunlavy 382

Goshen Township Trustee

Charles Steven Cooper 743

Goshen Township Fiscal Officer

(Vote for 1)

Christopher Foss 512

Renee Rader Parker 351

Harrison Township Trustee

Lowell Kauffman 186

Harrison Township Fiscal Officer

Patricia Brehm 173

Jackson Township Trustee

(Vote for 1)

Steven Flora 142

Herb Luttrell 369

Douglas L. Zirkle 306

Jackson Township Fiscal Officer

David J. Peirson 701

Johnson Township Trustee

(Vote for 1)

David Ervin 309

Dennis E. Kauffman 631

Johnson Township Fiscal Officer

Suellen Slayton 810

Mad River Township Trustee

(Vote for 1)

Shane Smith 115

Michael E. Ward 502

Brad K. Zerkle 364

Mad River Township Fiscal Officer

Richard D. Ford 711

Rush Township Trustee

Cinda K. Bailey 550

Rush Township Fiscal Officer

(Vote for 1)

Maranda McDaniel 203

Kathleen Packman 374

Salem Township Trustee

Rick Clyburn 636

Salem Township Fiscal Officer

Jeanie Crabtree 635

Union Township Trustee

(Vote for 1)

Terry L. Rittenhouse 320

Ron Williams 404

Union Township Fiscal Officer

Linda A. Gordon 515

Urbana Township Trustee

(Vote for 1)

Audra Bean 1,594

Paul L. Wright 1,951

Urbana Township Fiscal Officer

Ruth A. Rooney 2,598

Wayne Township Trustee

Max Perry 465

Wayne Township Fiscal Officer

Susan L. Helterbran 443

Clark County ESC Board

(Vote for 2)

Amy Agle Foreman 30

Linda A. Jordan 19

Kelly Reynolds 13

Stan Wenclewicz 7

Richard Zsambok 7

Madison-Champaign ESC Board

Jeffrey Allen Burroughs 4,439

Miami County ESC Board

(Vote for 4)

Carl D. Bowman 2

Janel Hodges 1

Neil Theising 3

Graham Board of Education (includes Shelby County)

(Vote for 3)

Michael Ludlow 2,402

Ryan A. Pine 1,984

Miranda N. Uhl 1,696

G. Shockley Wier 1,519

Mechanicsburg Board of Education (includes Madison County)

(Vote for 2)

Paul McMahill 722

Elizabeth H. Smith 611

Scott T. Wolf 660

Miami East Board of Education

(Vote for 2)

Harold Brumfield 1

John E. Demmitt 3

Mark Edward Iiames 1

Rusty Miller 2

Northeastern Board of Education

(Vote for 2)

Joel Augustus 26

Jill Parker 24

Kent Sherry 16

Northeastern Board of Education UTE

(Vote for 1)

Ronnie E. Lemen 11

Steve Schwitzgable 28

Northwestern Local

(Vote for 2)

Andy Gundolf 1

Libbee Hasting 4

Sri Melethil 0

Paul L. Snyder 0

Russell Steele 3

Triad Board of Education (includes Logan and Union counties)

(Vote for 3)

W. Chris Millice 984

Randy J. Moore 919

Urbana Local Board of Education

(Vote for 2)

Jan D. Engle 2,254

Warren Stevens 1,743

Toby Taylor 1,660

West Liberty-Salem Board of Ed (includes Logan County)

(Vote for 2)

Patrick Adams 1,310

Chris Moell 1,215

Adams Township Roads

For 260

Against 90

Johnson Township Renewal

For 336

Against 167

Johnson Township Replacement

For 259

Against 238

Mad River Roads Renewal

For 694

Against 298

Rush Township Roads Renewal

For 138

Against 98

Salem Township Roads Additional

For 355

Against 415

Mechanicsburg Schools Income Tax (includes Madison County)

For 730

Against 649

Northwestern Local School Dist

For 2

Against 5

Northwestern LSD Substitute Tax

For 2

Against 5

Urbana CSD Tax Levy Renewal

For 2,394

Against 1,714

Champaign County Library

For 5,074

Against 2,425

Maple Grove Cemetery

For 556

Against 427

Northeast Champaign County Fire

For 875

Against 390

Mechanicsburg Village Fire and EMS

For 196

Against 187

Mutual Village Fire

For 20

Against 10

Local Option Jackson West Precinct

Yes 277

No 179

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