Council members vie for Christiansburg mayor spot in the Nov. 3 election

CHRISTIANSBURG – Village council members Jennifer Litteral and Charles E. Lyons III will compete for Christianburg’s mayor position Nov. 3.

The winner of the election will replace Mayor Harvey Zimmerman, who has served since 1999.

Litteral grew up in Covington and moved to the village in 1999 while her husband, Richard, grew up around the Christiansburg area. The couple have five children, six grandchildren and one dog.

Litteral has served on council since early 2010 and said her biggest accomplishment so far was to find and advocate for the village’s in-house sewer system so the village did not have to pump to another village with major street disruptions.

She said she is running for the mayor position to grow and improve the village without taking away from the small-town atmosphere. Some of the ideas Litteral wants to implement include a monthly newsletter included with utility bills, creating a website and holding weekly office hours at the same time every week to learn about important items to villagers and to ensure complaints and concerns are taken care of in a timely manner while getting to know fellow residents.

Litteral added she is running to see that the village’s guidelines and ordinances are followed for all villagers in a timely manner and to constantly work on ways to improve the village’s infrastructure, without additional costs to residents.

“Overall, I want to ensure that whoever is serving our community does their best to keep, grow and maintain a great village,” Litteral said.

Lyons was born in Portsmouth and his family moved to Christiansburg in 1955 and has lived at his present address close to 40 years. His mother, Priscilla, brother, Larry, and sisters, Jeanette and Debbie, live in and around Christiansburg.

A 1970 graduate of Graham High School, Lyons has been married to his wife, Becky, for 36 years and previously operated Lyons’ Quality Meats in Christiansburg for 20 years and has operated Lyons’ Catering since April 1999.

Lyons has served on village council since August 1999.

He said he is running for mayor because he wants to see the new sewer system start off on a sound basis operationally and financially.

“Our streets will need some work as a result of installing our sewer system,” Lyons said. “This will be a challenge due to the limited funding available to our small village.”

Lyons added the village is looking forward to its bicentennial in 2017 and he would like to be involved in planning for this.

Other contested races in the county include:

•Concord Township Trustee with candidates Jason McKinney and Caren J. Wagner

•Goshen Township Fiscal Officer with candidates Christopher Foss and Renee Rader Parker

•Johnson Township Trustee with candidates David Ervin and Dennis E. Kauffman

•Rush Township Fiscal Officer with candidates Maranda McDaniel and Kathleen Packman



By Nick Walton

Nick Walton can be reached at 937-652-1331 Ext. 1777 or on Twitter @UDCWalton.