Corn field a bad spot for Urbana schools


I voted for the school bond issue but I wish I could take my vote back. I didn’t realize at voting time that the Urbana School District bought an over-priced corn field with no services let alone a road with which to build the proposed school.

I don’t know about you but I try to avoid the schools at all cost in the morning and afternoon as the traffic is horrible and now they think it’s a good idea to combine all the schools and have only one way for parents to get there and back. I pity people who use the YMCA, when all the traffic from the school turns it into a parking lot with no way out. U.S. Route 36 is already a very well traveled road and I for one will avoid using any businesses anywhere near the intersection of Community Drive and U.S. Route 36.

Also, my heart goes out to the people who live on Boyce St. and the people who have only Boyce St. to use to get out of their neighborhoods if the Schools have their way and school bus traffic is allowed to haul students to and from school. Boyce St. is a small residential street, it wasn’t designed or built for big heavy buses and teachers getting to school. The people who live there are going to take a hit on resale value on their home, if resale is even possible.

The corn field school has the potential to do great harm to the City of Urbana if every dollar of capital improvement over several years is used to cover the poor decision to locate the school in such a poorly and ill conceived location. And, they paid how much for that corn field?

Jean Holland


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