Repaint the library to its previous colors


I could not agree more with the letter of the editor printed Friday concerning the paint job on the Champaign County Library. I went to the library earlier this week and was shocked as I walked up to it. My first thought was, “Whose idea was it to paint it red, white and blue?” We have flags flying, why do we have to paint a building to ensure that we all are patriotic. It is garish. It looks cheap. The building itself is lovely but the paint selection was a big mistake. It looks like a gas station.

My suggestion is that the library start a paint fund. When we get enough money, paint it the color it was before. I don’t remember what color it was, because it was subdued and blended with the rest of the building. It was unobtrusive and always looked great.

I hope other library customers will make their opinion known to the library board or whoever is in charge of caring for the library. They have made a big mistake. Please consider correcting it. Thanks to Mrs. McFarland for bringing this mistake to our attention.

Kathy Ryan


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