Mechanicsburg man imprisoned after 11 OVIs


LONDON – A Mechanicsburg man was sentenced to two and-a-half years in prison Monday in Madison County Common Pleas Court for his 11th OVI conviction.

Carlos Cummings, 52, was stopped on the intersection of Lafayette Street and Eagleton Boulevard in London about 1 a.m. on March 7 after police observed multiple lane violations, according to a report from the London Police Department.

He admitted to drinking too much alcohol.

Steven Fox, Cummings’ attorney, said his client had been sober about six years before his unfortunate relapse, and that it would serve Cummings best to “rehabilitate instead of punish him.”

He asked the court to consider a community control sentence.

“I never expected to be here again,” Cummings said. “I worked so hard to be sober.”

Assistant county prosecutor Nick Adkins asked the court to impose a prison sentence.

Judge Eamon Costello said that Cummings’ record is working against him, as he has served previous prison time for OVIs.

“You bring a lot of baggage to this hearing,” Costello said. “That’s something the court cannot ignore.”

Costello added that if Cummings had not been stopped, he could have injured himself, or someone else.

Cummings pleaded guilty in June to a single count of OVI. A specification charge of five OVIs in 20 years were dropped, as well as an additional charge of OVI.

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