City pool manager, lifeguards draw praise


I would like to praise a city employee, the pool manager Cheryl. She is absolutely the best I have ever seen in the 40-plus years I have been going.

She not only is proper in the way she manages our city pool, but she has the best lifeguards to protect our most innocent children as they all care about the children and they all do a great job along with working as a team. Cheryl also makes sure the pool is clean, healthy, and safe for the public. I personally have spoken highly of her to other parents and grandparents and am yet to find any one that does not agree with me. The city of Urbana is truly blessed to have such a caring and loving person managing our pool. Thanks Cheryl, you do a great job in managing and hiring the best lifeguards and you are respected by the people who enjoy coming to the pool. We hope you stay around for a long time.

Chris Shelpman


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