Celebrity waiter night a success for cancer association


On behalf of my co-chairman, Phil Upchurch and the entire Board of Trustees of the Cancer Association of Champaign County, I want to thank everyone who helped make our Celebrity Waiter Dinner this year a record setting success. We served a record number 189 dinner guests, almost double the number we served last year. Our Celebrity waiters collected $3,917 in tips, another record. All told with our sale of balloon ride raffle tickets, we totaled $4,642 for the Cancer Association.

I want to thank Eileen and her entire crew at the Coppertop for another amazing job. Specifically, Beth, Kim, Kerra, Patrick, Carmen, Heather and Tonia out front and Chef Mark, Katy, Annie, Brandon and Tony in the kitchen. I also want to thank Patrick Field for allowing us to host the event again at his restaurant and for his generous donation, but just as importantly for he, his girlfriend Renee and the restaurant’s accountant, Mike Houseman for rolling up their sleeves and tending bar and bussing tables when things got busy. These gestures definitely did not go unnoticed.

Thanks to all our Celebrity Waiters who despite little or no prior experience did a fabulous job: Judge Gil Weithman, Karen Bailey, Penny Underwood, Ty Henderson, Brian Nicol, Paul Waldsmith and his daughter, Ellie.

Thanks to my co-chairman, Phil Upchurch for selling $725 worth of raffle tickets. Another record.

But most importantly, thank you so much to our dinner guests who waited patiently because of the large crowd and understood if orders got mixed up. Your generosity continues to amaze me. Understand that because the Cancer Association of Champaign County is made up of all volunteers, nearly every penny donated will go to provide some type of assistance to family members, friends or neighbors right here in Champaign County fighting this horrible disease. Know also that with your continued generosity and support, we will fight alongside them until the day comes when it is no longer necessary to have a Celebrity Waiter Dinner.

Brett Gilbert

Cancer Association of Champaign County

Board of Trustees

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