Local story with happy ending


In today’s society of crooks, con-men and identity theft I would never have imagined this story would have such a pleasant ending: On Saturday, May 30 my wife went to the local Kroger store in Urbana. After arriving in the store and pulling out her shopping list, she realized that the blank check she had taken with her was missing. Expecting the worst, we called our bank first thing Monday morning to make a stop-payment on the missing check. When the afternoon mail arrived Monday, an envelope with an Urbana address unknown to us had arrived. Inside was our missing blank check and a note saying he had found it in the Kroger parking lot and that we would probably want it back. If there were more people like Mr. Dwight Paul of Lincoln Place in Urbana, we would all sleep a little easier at night. He must be a wonderful and great, caring man. Our greatest thanks goes out to Mr. Paul and to the local bank in Urbana which, upon hearing the story, waived the usual stop-payment fee. Thanks to all.

The Porter Family


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