Cawley: UU was not just a place to work

A year ago, Franklin University announced the closing of the Urbana University Campus. For the first time in 170 years (excluding the Civil War closing), Urbana University ceased to open and offer classes this past fall. The closing broke a lot of hearts. Students, former students and employees along with former employees were devastated. Urbana University was not just a place to work. People did not just come and go working for UU. They stayed. We had many faculty members that had 20-30 years of service. Jennifer Midgely had close to 50 years of service. It certainly wasn’t because of the pay that they stayed. They felt good about what it represented and what it could be. They wanted to be part of it.

We had a number of retired military people that taught in our business school. We had a good number of retired public educators, including retired school superintendents, teaching in our education department. They all loved being at UU. Many retirees stayed in Urbana when they finished teaching.

I am hoping for the sale of UU and hopefully it will be by another college or university. 170 years of legacy is too much to lose.

Bob Cawley


Former faculty member for 32 years