Reader: Sick child not allowed at clinic

This morning, I called a local medical clinic (staffed by physicians) to ask the protocol for treating a 5 year old child with the sniffles and a temperature of 100.9 degrees.

The reply: “You cannot bring the child here to the clinic. Sick people are not allowed in the building.”

I asked, “Really, sick people are not allowed to come to the medical clinic?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

I asked, “Does that mean people who are not sick are allowed to come to the clinic?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

I asked, “Why would a person who was not sick go to a medical clinic?”

“Well! Maybe they have a back ache or a strained muscle!” in a tone that insinuated I was being a wise guy. I really thought it was a reasonable question.

My daughter-in-law called a clinic in a different county seat town and asked the same question and received the same answer.

In all my life and in all my reading of history, I have never heard or read one time a medical nurse or physician who refused to see patients and offer treatment. Quite the opposite, no matter the disease.

Lord, please return our political leaders and medical people who had common sense and a desire to do what was best for our society. Amen.

Roger Wright