Morality is not situational

Why are racists insulted when they appear to be what they are? If you believe racism is a good thing, what’s the problem? If it is a bad thing, why are you racist? If your racist beliefs are undisguised in how they inform your outlook and interactions, why deny them?

Morality is not situational. One is not mostly truthful, or sometimes decent. People of principle do not trust a pathological liar, an amoral wretch, a fiend. Non-racist people do not support a manifest, flame trailing racist.

If you compromise your piety to vote for a vile hatemonger because he clubbed and gassed his way to a photo op with an inverted bible, you are missing more than the point. You are not compromising but surrendering any claim to decency.

Come to grips. Recognize that which is undisguised.

It’s later than you think.

Robert Puglia