Right to Life group defends Vitale

Robert Puglia’s attack on Rep. Nino Vitale (Urbana Daily Citizen, May 8, p. 3) is lacking in accuracy and sympathy. The dictionary defines a “globalist” as someone with “an attitude or policy who places the interests of the entire world above the interests of individual nations.” Hence it is certainly not “code” for Jewishness. However, Dr. Amy Acton does not have the interests of the whole world at heart. Frequently, those who wish to help impoverished nations improve their economies start by promoting sterilization and abortion. She is guilty of this thinking as relates to Dr. Martin Haskell, the Sharonville abortionist. When Gov. John Kasich closed down Haskell’s clinic for numerous violations of women’s safety in his clinic, Haskell claimed that he had helped almost 6,000 Cincinnati women climb out of poverty. That’s obviously a wishful and specious claim. But Dr. Acton saw to it that Haskell could re-open his clinic.

Sadly, the Coronavirus crisis has increased the abortion rate. Mark Harrington, of Created Equal, reported on May 5 that in “One Week, OH Planned Parenthood Disposes of Four Large Bins of Aborted Babies.” The truth is that abortion kills more persons than the Coronavirus. We may lament the 23,000 Covid-19 deaths in Ohio, but about that many babies are killed annually in Ohio. Do the media report these deaths? No.

Mr. Puglia says he is not saying that Rep. Vitale is brainless. Having known him for many years, I can say that he a sharp thinker and he has a heart for those exploited by the abortion industry.

Sincerely yours,

David George & Members

Champaign County Right to Life