Reader responds to Brown’s column

Sen. Sherrod Brown’s column (“Fighting maternal, infant mortality,” Urbana Daily Citizen, March 4, p. 3) is rather startling until one considers that he is not allowed to be independent of his party’s line. “We know,” he writes, “we have a serious problem with infant mortality in Ohio and around the country.” He consulted with mothers, advocates, and healthcare providers about the problem, fighting “disparities in birth outcomes.” There certainly are disparities concerning babies; Ohio has an abortion rate of around 20,000 a year. Of those deaths, 36% are African American, though the population of African Americans is only around 13.4% (Emily Ward, “CDC: 36% of Abortions Abort Black Babies,” Media Research Center, Nov. 28, 2018). White mothers abort 36.9% of their infants, but the white population makes up 76.6% of the average state population.

Given that the most radical members of Congress now promote “born-alive” killing of babies, Sen. Brown, if he has any imagination for the horrific suffering of the child aborted in the womb or killed in the delivery room, would do well to amend his second proposed bill this way: “The second bill would make it easier for women to enroll in WIC by strengthening collaboration between the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women (SNAP), Medicaid, WIC, and birthing centers that counsel against abortion, so that more pregnant women and very young children can get enrolled during the critical stage of their development.”

If the abortion industry lost its clientele, there would be millions of dollars available for the healthy survival of all infants, born and unborn, and their mothers. Sen. Brown may find it difficult to deviate from the party line, but of course that line will approach its terminal date as soon as the general public has widespread knowledge of the 61 million babies aborted and dismembered since Roe v. Wade (1973). Not even the liberal media can keep disguising bloodshed as a woman’s right or indeed anyone’s right.

David George & members

Champaign County Right to Life