I am proud of this community

Having been blessed to be part of a Bicentennial Family Farm and having spent nearly half of my adult life living in Urbana, I needed to comment on the vitality and genuine effort to move Urbana and Champaign County in a progressive direction as opposed to a prior letter to the editor.

Being fortunate in traveling throughout west Ohio, I find Urbana/Champaign County to be one of the most unique, pleasant county seats of our comparative size. Our numerous choices of eating establishments is outstanding.

A recent event that I organized was attended by large group of out-of-towners and they commented after spending the night in downtown Urbana that the shopping, eating and socializing options were excellent.

All indicated they wanted to come back.

Safe, friendly, lots of choices of outstanding restaurants, great lodging, a great Dye golf course were just a few of the reasons they are returning with family and friends.

I’m proud to promote Urbana/Champaign County wherever I can.

It’s always great to come back home.

Than Johnson