School boards and hotels

I found the January 12, 2019 article on the hotel and school board both interesting and sadly funny. We have a hotel that rarely has a full parking lot and a dead hotel downtown. Whoever did the “marketing plan” for the proposed one might revisit their numbers.

Over time I have seen local “investors” put their money in stranger things … based on hopefully.

It is my opinion that the school board should spend time figuring out how to eliminate the huge upcoming deficit as noted in a past Urbana Daily Citizen article.

It has always amazed me that the ultimate tax eater can with a straight face recommend tax abatement.

If you need a tax abatement to start a business, according to my old finances prof, “you should not go into business.”

My taxes went up $600 a year for a school that looks a lot like the London Correctional Institute, minus the fence and concertina wire.

And I am still waiting on all those jobs it would create.

Well, the Urbana Board of Education (which needs a bit of math education) lives up to what Mark Twain said about school boards.

Wes Beery