Dann should have other regrets

The article on Marc Dann, former Ohio Attorney General (Urbana Daily Citizen, Mar. 6, pages 1, 4) records his regret over paying attention to the National Rifle Association’s propaganda. He has since realized that the Florida school shootings last month were a result of other legislators also listening to the NRA.

Mr. Dann did it to stay in office but “sold his soul” in the process. However, he should also regret and admit that another well-funded organization, Planned Parenthood, also kills (in its case, the unborn).

Those interested in the difference between the NRA’s complicity in death and Planned Parenthood’s can go to Facebook and click on Champaign County Right to Life, Public Service, Urbana. There they will find a chart of “Causes of Death in the USA in 2016”: at the top, Abortion, 501,325; at the bottom, Murder by Gun, 5,276. Guns kill a thousand percent fewer persons annually than abortion centers do. Even heart disease and cancer come in at just over half the number killed by abortion.

Sincerely yours

David George & Members

Champaign County Right to Life