Associated Press reporting must outgrow its bias

The Associated Press (AP) report (Urbana Daily Citizen, Nov. 19) on the abortion conditions in the 2013 Ohio Budget Bill shows the usual sleight of hand we expect from that news source.

Its premise on abortion reports is that abortion is an unquestioned good, so that any attempt to curb it becomes a “restriction.” “Public outcry intensified,” we learn (from Canton and Akron newspapers, two cities where the abortion figures are high). Sandy Theis of Progress Ohio, said to be a liberal policy group, tells us that “Ohio remains a pro-choice state.”

If we believe that life is an unquestioned good, everything changes. “Restrictions” become expansions, “public outcry” dwindles to narrow-mindedness, and “pro-choice” becomes “pro-abortion.” All that pro-lifers want to do is take away the money that abortion clinics keep collecting on a large scale because they destroy over 20,000 infants in the womb every year. Bear in mind that many pro-life taxpayers resent having their money used for a business they deem evil in effect, if not in intent.

How bad is the abortion business? Holly O’Donnell, who worked for Stem Express, a purchaser of baby parts for medical experimentation, witnessed the killing of a baby born alive, with a beating heart. She was told to cut through the baby’s face to get his brain for sale. David Daleiden, of the Center for Medical Progress that made the Planned Parenthood videos, has other examples of Planned Parenthood barbarity.

It’s time for AP to face reality about abortion profiteering — to outgrow biased and illiberal thinking in its reports.

Sincerely yours,

David George

President, Champaign County Right to Life