Village clean-up day a success

By Alixandria Wells-Good

Contributing writer

MECHANICSBURG – The Mechanicsburg Village Council met on Monday in the municipal building.

The new owner of the Certified gas station, located at 283 West Main Street, was present to address the council. He introduced himself as Mike, and mentioned plans to apply for a liquor license and install a drive-thru as well as update gas pumps.

Village Administrator Roger Brake presented the administrator’s report. Brake shared that community clean-up day was a “huge success” and thanked those who volunteered that day to assist at the dumpster site.

He went on to say that sidewalks have been restored on West Sandusky Street, and parts of East Sandusky Street. Brake stated that the next phase of the restoration will be Main Street, and that should start soon.

He continued on saying that Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has informed the village that the bridge replacement on state Route 29 will now begin on June 3. The bridge being replaced is the bridge on state Route 29 near Heritage Cooperative.

Finally, Brake informed council that he had been asked by a village resident who will be responsible for replacing sidewalks if there are water main breaks in the future, now that the water lines are underneath the sidewalks. It was stated that in the event of sidewalks being removed due to water maintenance, the village will be responsible for replacing any sidewalks affected.

Fiscal Officer Dan Eck stated that the village’s audit will begin on May 20. The village will be partaking in agreed upon procedures for the audit, due to the satisfactory audits in the past. Agreed-upon procedures are similar to a normal audit in terms of process and reviews being conducted, however the auditor does not express an opinion afterwards.

Zoning officer Dusty Hurst stated that he has sent out junk letters with hopes of issues being addressed by residents soon. He also stated that there are violations throughout the village regarding mowing and weeds. Village Ordinance 06-08 states in section 590 “weeds or tall grass measuring over twelve (12) inches, shall not be permitted to accumulate on any lot or portion thereof which creates an eyesore, hazard, or nuisance to the Village or general public” and goes on to state in Section 591 “Noxious weeds and grass must be mowed regularly from March 1 to October 31 to prevent weeds/grass from exceeding twelve (12) inches in height or maturing to seed. Owners of properties that do not comply will receive a notice from the Village to cut or mow the weeds/grass within five (5) days. If the owner fails to do this, the Village shall take all measures necessary to bring the property into compliance. All costs to do so shall be at the owner’s expense.”

Mechanicsburg Police Chief David Patrick shared April’s citation list. He then shared with council that the department had received a generous donation from the estate of Verne Gregg, who passed away in August of 2022.

Patrick went on to request permission to purchase seven new bullet proof vests for $7,466.13. He stated that the purchase of the vests will be reimbursed 75% of the cost from a BWC grant program. Council approved the request.

Patrick informed the council that Officer Griffitts has accepted a new position with a different department. He requested permission to sell the vest that was recently purchased and fitted to Officer Griffitts to the department where he is going at full cost. Council approved the request.

A Safety Committee meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, May 15 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is open to the public.

Mayor Jason Adelsberger updated council on the use of tasers in the police department. He stated that Patrick has scheduled training for the remaining officers who are not trained on the current model being used, and Adelsberger plans to also attend that training.

The village council will meet next on Monday, May 20, at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building. Village Council meetings are open to the public.

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