Community Clean Up Day is May 6 in Mechanicsburg


MECHANICSBURG – The Mechanicsburg Village Council gathered in session on Monday, April 3 at a regularly-scheduled meeting in the municipal building.

Village Fiscal Officer Dan Eck shared with the council that he gave approval for the village’s financials to be shared on the Ohio Checkbook website. Approval is given for this each year. Anyone can view the village’s information on the website, dating back to 2017. To find out more information about the village’s financials, visit

Village Administrator April Huggins-Davis reminded the council that Community Clean Up Day is coming up on May 6. Dumpsters will be available on Mill Street for use by village residents. Volunteers are still needed for this event.

Council member Charles Hickey shared with the council that the Planning Commission held a meeting recently. He stated that at the meeting discussion was held regarding a property on Sceva Avenue. The owner of this particular property has inquired on how he could be permitted to use his land for a landscaping business. Hickey shared that the commission plans to recommend that a conditional use permit be granted to this individual, pending review of a conditional use permit application. Council held a discussion about the matter.

Mayor Greg Kimball shared with the council that there is a Mother’s Day celebration being planned by Our Towne Mechanicsburg. The celebration includes a parade, vendor show, and a Mother’s Day “Queen Contest.” More information can be found on the “Our Towne Mechanicsburg” Facebook page.

Kimball also stated that the probationary six-month period for Police Chief David Patrick has passed. A motion was made and approved to establish Patrick as full-time police chief for the Mechanicsburg Police Department.

Patrick went on to share with the council that a new law goes into effect this week regarding cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle. Patrick explained that this law states that using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is now a primary offense. Drivers are still permitted to talk on a cell phone, however, it must be on hands-free mode or being held to the driver’s ear during the call, and the call must be able to be received or made using a single click.

Discussion was also held regarding a recent issue with residents receiving their water bills late. The village stated that the issue was due to the bills taking longer than normal to be delivered. It is believed by administration that this has something to do with outgoing mail at the post office being taken to Columbus to be processed, regardless of whether the mail is local or not. At this time, the village stated that property owners/renters are still to pay their water bill by the 15th of each month, regardless of when a physical bill is received in the mail.

The council then passed Resolution 23-03 by emergency, which waives the three-reading rule. The resolution states “A resolution authorizing the Mayor of the Village of Mechanicsburg Ohio to prepare and submit an application to participate in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) County Allocation Program and to execute contracts as required.”

The second reading for Ordinance 23-03 was then conducted. The ordinance states “An ordinance establishing Section 95.07: Impounding of Vehicles Police Impound” to be added to Mechanicsburg Ohio Basic Code Chapter 95: “Unclaimed and Abandoned Vehicles” and authorizing of a special revenue fund for the “Accumulation and Expenditure of Resources From Police Impound.”

Assistant Fire Chief Steve Castle reminded the council that the fire department is still experiencing a staffing shortage.

The village council will meet next on Monday, April 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building.

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