Camp Braveheart returns this summer


LOGAN COUNTY – Universal Home Health and Hospice in association with the United Way of Logan County offer Camp Braveheart August 10-12 at Marmon Valley Farms. This camp offers support to children facing a recent loss. “There are no words to explain the difference this has made for my grandchildren,” says one grandmother. A mom relays “My daughter finally talked about her dad for the first time since his death. I cannot say thank you enough for helping her finally find the words to articulate her loss.”

Camp Braveheart is a grief camp that offers a safe place for children 5 to 13 to cope with their grief as well as to learn that others are coping with those same feelings. The children will be surrounded by caring adults, trained counselors and hospice professionals that bring them a program designed specifically for children facing the loss of a loved one. They will have a wonderful opportunity to laugh, play as well as remember. If you know a child that would benefit from this June camp, please call their school guidance office or 465-5065 to find out more.

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Info from Universal Home Health and Hospice

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