UJHS students complete project-based learning


Seventh- and eighth-graders at Urbana Junior High School participated in two project-based learning (PBL) projects this school year that involved social studies, science, and STEM classes covering local topics important to the community including our local nature preserve at Cedar Bog and the local educator E.W.B. Curry.

Due to fundraising efforts by seventh- and eighth-grade students as well as incredibly generous donations from the community, Urbana Junior High will be able to donate two memorial trees in remembrance of Professor Curry; one of which will be placed at Oak Dale Cemetery near Professor Curry’s gravestone, and the second being placed at Urbana Junior High School.

After great participation and unique creations the 8th graders were able to take field trips to Cedar Bog and Oak Dale Cemetery in correspondence with their projects. The 8th grade participated in a wreath laying ceremony at Professor Curry’s gravesite in Oak Dale Cemetery. Caileigh Busch, who created a wonderful piece of original artwork representing Curry’s impact on education that is on display at the Champaign County Historical Society, read two quotes from Professor Curry’s book “A Story of the Curry Institute Urbana, Ohio.”

Eyana Browning read her own original poem about Curry and his influence on Urbana. Eighth graders were also able to raise awareness and funds for Cedar Bog where they toured and participated in a photo contest. Two students who showed incredible initiative and participation on their original projects and the winner of the photo contest were selected to receive a Family Membership allowing them to tour Cedar Bog with their families throughout the year. The memberships were given to Mack Pauley, Mike Dale, and Jason Sabin thanks to a generous gift from Cedar Bog.

Below is the original poem created and read by Eyana Browning.

Curry was in a hurry

To have equality as the majority

So he learned and he saved

And like the sun was set ablaze

He opened up his own school

Though it was only a shed

His first student was 50 years old

But was led

By Curry’s great knowledge

One of the only people of his time

To go to College, oh how divine

Curry worked hard until his dying day

To make the educational world great for men and women, hip hip hooray

Young or old he’d take you in

To teach about this world through thick and thin

And all of his students would probably say

Thank you Professor E.W.B. Curry”

The Urbana Junior High is truly thankful for such a supportive community, team of teachers, and school administration who have donated and helped without hesitation with these student projects.

Wreath-laying ceremony for E.W.B. Curry included students Caileigh Busch (right) and Eyana Browning (left).
https://www.urbanacitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/36/2022/05/web1_curry_Kids.jpgWreath-laying ceremony for E.W.B. Curry included students Caileigh Busch (right) and Eyana Browning (left). Submitted photos

Students receive their Cedar Bog memberships: Mack Pauley (left), Mike Dale (center), and Jason Sabin (right).
https://www.urbanacitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/36/2022/05/web1_bog_kids.jpgStudents receive their Cedar Bog memberships: Mack Pauley (left), Mike Dale (center), and Jason Sabin (right). Submitted photos

Submitted story

Information from UJHS teacher Sadie Steffan

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