Ultra-met announces scholarship program


Ultra-met has announced a scholarship program for high school graduates. This program allows students to attend Clark State to pursue a manufacturing certificate while gaining on-the-job training in advanced manufacturing processes. Successful applicants to the scholarship program have no out-of-pocket expenses for Clark State. Successful applicants will also receive a weekly paycheck while working/training at Ultra-met. The deadline for submitting an application is June 24 at 5 p.m.

“This program is aimed directly at high school graduates who want to get a free college education while making money. This is a great alternative for students who do not wish to bear the high costs of attending college” said Jeff Huddleston, vice president of human resources at Ultra-met. “Students initially work at Ultra-met and attend Clark State for a manufacturing certificate. Upon successful completion of the certificate, students can pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in related fields such as mechanical engineering technology, manufacturing engineering, industrial technology, computer-aided design, and robotics.”

Ultra-met is the leading independent manufacturer of tungsten carbide products in North America. Since 1965 Ultra-met has continuously operated in Urbana. To apply for the scholarship program, contact [email protected] or Huddleston – at 937-653-7133, ext. 122.

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