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Over the past several years, Leigh Anne Wenning, superintendent of the Champaign County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD), shared regular updates in this outreach column on the services and activities provided by CCBDD to those individuals in our community who qualify for assistance. While the dedicated staff evaluates needs, coordinates the wide array of service providers to meet those needs, and delivers the mission of the County Board, there is another key group of individuals working behind-the-scenes to support their activities.

The Governing Board of each county board of developmental disabilities within Ohio is comprised of county residents who serve in an oversight capacity to ensure the county board is providing the necessary services to eligible residents in a manner consistent with state requirements. The governing board for CCBDD is comprised of seven members, and typically meets at least 10 times each year. Each member of the board has a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure the organization provides the best services possible in support of its vision, mission and goals. As a board member, each person has an obligation to be familiar with the budget and finances of the CCBDD, review and approve all policies, make decisions regarding organizational issues, consider the organization’s work and value to the community, and remain current regarding the business of the organization and the developmental disabilities field.

Currently, the local governing board is comprised of Mr. Kerry Brugger (President), Ms. Laurie Stickney (Vice-President), Mr. David Sapp (Secretary), Ms. Amy Wilcoxon, Ms. Shelly Cushman, Ms. Malia Hughes, and Ms. Lori Rose. Each member serves as a member of at least one of the standing committees, which include Finance, Personnel and Ethics. These committees convene as needed throughout the year to establish and review budgets, operating policies or address specific operation items of concern when they arise.

I believe I speak for each board member when I say that serving on the Governing Board of the Champaign County Board of Developmental Disabilities is one of the most rewarding experiences we have experienced. In a world where there is so much turmoil, it is refreshing to witness the unselfish dedication and commitment each staff member displays to those in need, and it is an honor and a privilege to support the CCBDD mission, “We promote independence and a pathway to success.”

By Kerry Brugger

Kerry Brugger is president of the Champaign County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

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