“For The Love of Everything” 4-H Club

The most recent For The Love of Everything 4-H Club meeting was held on February 27, 2022 and did they learn a lot!

First, the club honored Black History Month with a story about Clarence Thomas, who serves as a Justice on the Supreme Court.

Next up was Ainsley Drexler Miller, Health and Safety Leader, who spent time teaching everyone how to focus on healthy eating with smoothies! She spoke about the importance of fruits and the best part was the samples that Ainsley handed out. “The smoothie was magnificent,” said Melissa Rutan Nunamaker, advisor for the club.

Thanks to Derek Weber and Maddie Wright, along with their families, the club heard about kidding experiences that took some twists and turns but had happy endings. With every meeting, the club is learning about the hard and rewarding commitment of raising farm animals.

During the Cloverbud meeting, the kids spoke about their own favorite animals, they learned some tips on how to care for pets, and finished the meeting by decorating food bowls to take home with them.

-Submitted by McKenzie Karg and Elizabeth Shuryan

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