MHDAS to provide virtual recovery support services


Anchored to Hope, a web-based provider of recovery support tools, will work with the Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Services Board of Logan and Champaign Counties (MHDAS), to provide virtual tools to support recovery and reduce recidivism among justice involved people in their service area. MHDAS plans, funds and evaluates alcohol, drug addiction and mental health treatment, prevention, education and consultation services for Logan and Champaign County residents.

Anchor4Me is a cost-effective technology platform that gives users 24/7 access to self-care tools which employ therapeutic techniques and proven engagement strategies to guide them through the process of change and recovery. Each component in the overall platform was shaped by a team of best practice experts, judges, probation officers and people actively using or in recovery.

Executive Director Tammy Nicholl, LSW, MPA, said, “We need to continue to look for new and innovative ways to engage and help support recovery for those struggling with addiction in our communities. This tool from Anchored to Hope is a different option that provides access 24/7 to resources that might just make the difference for someone struggling in the middle of the night with the temptations to relapse. We want to pilot this with our specialty docket clients and if they find it helpful, we will look for ways to see access expanded to others.”

The Anchor4Me application includes a customizable and searchable database of essential resources, including food, job training and housing; daily interactions that develop a constructive approach to problem-solving; virtual reality meditations; 24/7 crisis intervention staffed by licensed professionals; and email and calendaring functions.

Anchored to Hope founder and CEO Melinda Swan said, “We’re passionate about creating self-care tools that are convenient, affordable, accessible and stigma-free and that put the latest in digital technologies in the hands of people working to improve their lives. We applaud MHDAS for providing the highest quality care for Logan and Champaign County residents and piloting new approaches to supplement and complement their current services.”

Anchored to Hope, LLC (A2H), is a woman-owned, Ohio-based company founded in 2017, with a mission to create powerful, convenient, accessible tools so people and families lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

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