M’burg to pursue projects without levy


MECHANICSBURG – The Mechanicsburg Exempted Village School District 3-mill additional property tax levy for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2021 and first due in 2022 for general permanent improvements failed to be passed during the November 2 election. During Monday evening’s regular Mechanicsburg Board of Education meeting, Treasurer Scott Maruniak stressed the need of the roof replacement among other school projects hoped to be accomplished with levy money.

“The roofing project we need to do is replace the shingled roofing,” said Maruniak. He said their estimated budget is $1.4 million. “This will replace all the shingled roof systems. The next thing we have to think about is how do we pay for it? We don’t have enough in our permanent improvement fund to pay for the entire project at one time.”

Maruniak discussed different options of payment plans. The district has been saving funds towards this project, but not nearly enough to completely cover the costs.

“We need to determine if we are going to move forward with this project,” said Maruniak. “The sooner we go out for bids, the better.”

He told the board members that he will gather more information regarding different payment options and have them ready at the next regular meeting, when he hopes to get the board members’ approval to pursue the project.

Other improvement projects around the district, such as a score board and uniform washing rooms, are in consideration as well.

Superintendent Danielle Prohaska explained the district’s levy situation.

With the failure of passage, Prohaska said, “At this time, we do not have plans for (trying to further pursue the levy.) We do have to address the roof which is the emergency situation. We will then reassess after that. We can try to re-purpose the spaces that we have available here as we have done in the past. We will not be able to manufacture extra classroom space but we are going to be able to create other spaces that will allow us to be more innovative. But, at this point, the roof is our priority.”

Prohaska gave a summary of where the district stands in comparison to the rest of the county in regards to testing data.

“Last year was a really challenging year but we maximized time in the classroom,” said Prohaska. “A lot of places are still having discussions about learning loss and gaps but, instead, we are thinking about what we will do to extend learning and challenge our students. When the headlines say Mechanicsburg is first in the county, we like to show that to some of the neighboring schools.”

“I think this is a reflection about how adamant you were that we keep kids in school,” Board Member Todd Boeck told Prohaska.

By Anna Kennedy

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