Type O blood donors needed in local area


DAYTON – Blood type O is in critically low supply and Community Blood Center needs donors to prevent a blood supply emergency. Donors are urged to make an appointment at www.DonorTime.com or call (937) 461-3220.

After weekend usage the Dayton CBC has a short supply of O positive and only a two-day supply of type O negative. Any surge in emergency usage would have immediate impact on area hospitals.

“Blood donated to Community Blood Center stays in our community and helps save the lives of our neighbors,” said Donor Services Executive Director Tracy Morgan. “Any of us, any of our loved ones, could face a sudden need for blood. It is up to us to make sure enough blood is there, ready at all times to save a life.”

Approximately 38% of the population has type O-positive while only 7% has type O-negative. Both types are in constant demand. Type O positive can be transfused to patients with any positive blood type. O-negative is the universal blood type and can be transfused immediately to any patient in need.

November is a vital month to donate. Many businesses and organizations cannot host blood drives due to remote work and other continued COVID-19 related restrictions. High school blood drives are returning but remain at reduced capacity. More than 85% of CBC collections come from mobile blood drives, including 17% from high schools.

CBC must prepare for both pandemic-related delays or disruptions in the blood drive schedule and for the seasonal challenges that lie ahead. November begins the holiday season when people have less time to donate and the coming of winter brings the potential for weather disruptions.

To face these challenges CBC needs new donors, including new platelet and plasma donors, and new blood drive sponsors. Call (937) 461-3220 to learn how you can help.

Blood donation requirements

Donors are required to provide a photo ID that includes their full name. Past CBC donors are also asked to bring their CBC donor ID card. Donors must be at least 17 years of age (16 years old with parental consent: form available at www.givingblood.org or at CBC branch & blood drive locations), weigh a minimum of 110 pounds (you may have to weigh more, depending on your height), and be in good physical health. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changes blood donor eligibility guidelines periodically. Individuals with eligibility questions are invited to email [email protected]. Make an appointment at www.DonorTime.com or call (937) 461-3220.

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