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SANTA MONICA, California – A Graham High School graduate and lead actor in the new movie “Two Yellow Lines,” Zac Titus will be embarking on “A Trail to Remember,” a 67-mile hike through the famed Backbone Trail in the scorched forests of the Santa Monica Mountains in a single 24-hour period on November 9.

This hike will serve as a fundraiser for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. All proceeds go to the foundation and a percentage of revenue earned from movie sales in week two will be given as well.

In “Two Yellow Lines,” Titus portrays an ex-smokejumper ravaged by PTSD due to a past wildland firefighting tragedy. These themes throughout the film have been an inspiration for his adventure and desire to raise funds for firefighters.

“The wildland firefighting community has been grossly underfunded and underpaid,” said Titus, “much like many other jobs where folks risk their lives for others. Finally, in the past two weeks, we have seen some change with the new Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act. It ensures wildland firefighters are correctly classified for the dangerous nature of their work (among many other things.) All of this has been an effort by organizations like Wildland Firefighter Foundation for years.”

Titus will be going on this adventure alone. He has been training for three months to prepare his body for the hike with over 14,000 feet of elevation gain or loss. He plans to set out around 2 a.m. and reach the destination by midnight for a total of 22 hours.

“At first, I got scared,” said Titus. “The most I have hiked in one day before I made this decision was 22 miles. However, being from Ohio and in the Graham wrestling program, I have been rather disciplined from a young age. I think that structure, like working on farms and bailing hay when I was young and Graham wrestling, have helped me to find a way to continue on despite the pain I might be in or the odds. I really think I can do this as an enjoyable experience, without suffering so much.”

Titus has a goal to raise at least $10,000. To donate, visit WFFoundation.org using the tab “Two Yellow Lines” – A Trail to Remember.

Follow along with Titus and his progress @TwoYellowLinesFilm on Instagram and Facebook.

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Graham graduate Zac Titus (pictured) will be embarking on “A Trail to Remember.”
https://www.urbanacitizen.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/36/2021/10/web1_titus.jpgGraham graduate Zac Titus (pictured) will be embarking on “A Trail to Remember.” Submitted photo
Graham grad resides in Calif.

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