MHDAS Board seeks replacement levy


On November 2, the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services Board of Logan and Champaign Counties will be on the ballot for a 0.7-mill property tax replacement levy. There is no increase in millage. However, with higher property value these days, the replacement levy will bring in additional funding. The current levy was initially passed in 1986.

“This levy provides vital funding to support mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services for the residents of Logan and Champaign Counties,” said Executive Director MHDAS Board Tammy Nicholl.

The current levy generates $600,000 a year. With increased property values, this replacement levy is expected to bring in $900,000. The levy makes up approximately 40% of the entire budget.

“It is vitally important in order for us maintain the level of services that we have,” said Nicholl. “Mental health and addiction are major factors in every community. COVID has increased these issues. There is alot more uncertainty. We know the need is growing.”

Nicholl said nearly one in five adults struggle with a mental health condition and one in four minors struggle.

“The vast majority of this money is to provide services such as prevention and education,” said Nicholl. “The levy dollars are concentrated on prevention and education along with recovery and support. Our responsibility is to make sure there are services available in our communities.”

By Anna Kennedy

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