Final Asphalt Program scheduled to start


On Friday, September 24, The Shelly Company and its subcontractors are scheduled to start work on the City of Urbana’s 2021 Asphalt Program. All work is weather permitting.

Parking restrictions will be posted within work areas, and vehicles parked in violation will be towed. In addition, flaggers will be used by the contractor to maintain traffic.

Under this program, the following streets are scheduled to be resurfaced: Crescent Drive between Finch St. and Ames Ave.; Ames Ave. between Scioto St. and Amherst Drive; Patrick Ave. between Scioto St. and South Jefferson Ave. (state Route 54); Washington Ave. between North Main St. and East Lawn Ave.; Carson St. between Boyce St. and Urbana High School; Glenn Ave. between Miami St. and just north of West Court St.; West Court St. between Glenn Ave. and North Oakland St.; West Court St. between North Edgewood Ave. and the eastern dead end of West Court St.; West Church St. between North Rohrer St. and North Edgewood Ave.; and South Rohrer St. between Miami St. and South Oakland St. In addition, full depth pavement repairs are planned on Muzzy Road.

Project work is scheduled to start with milling of the existing pavement on streets that are slated for resurfacing. This milling work will be completed by a subcontractor and is anticipated to take approximately three days. After milling, pavement repairs will be made to the existing pavement. Once the milling process and pavement repair work is complete, a subcontractor is scheduled to chip-seal the existing pavement surfaces on Ames Ave., Patrick Ave., Carson St., Glenn Ave., West Court St., West Church St., and South Rohrer St.

Chip-sealing is installed as an interlayer to reduce future cracking and moisture penetration between the existing asphalt and the new pavement surface and is intended only as a temporary driving surface. The pavement resurfacing work by The Shelly Company, including the full depth repairs on Muzzy Road, is anticipated to take approximately 6 days to complete with scheduling planned to avoid interruptions near the Urbana High School campus. Once all paving work is completed, subcontractors will adjust manholes and water valves and restripe pavement markings where required.

This work is under contract for $504,357.88 and is the final part of the city’s planned asphalt maintenance and paving projects for 2021. Earlier this summer, Strawser Construction, Inc. completed the crack-sealing of multiple streets around the city at a final cost of $49,146.90. The Aero-Mark Company also completed pavement striping within the city earlier this year at a cost of $6,350.30. In addition, Scioto St. was paved through an ODOT project with the city being required to contribute 20% of the cost or $123,984.00. In total, these four projects represent a local investment in 2021 of $683,839.08 into the maintenance and improvement of existing city streets.

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