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Urbana FFA Competes in State Contests

Urbana FFA members took part in the State Career Development Events on March 22, March 29, and April 27. The Equine Management team competed on March 22nd while the Milk Quality and Products and General Livestock teams competed on March 29. On April 27, the Meat Evaluation and Technology team participated in the state contest. These competitions promote leadership and life skills for the students involved. All students take part in practices before the contests to learn the skills they will need for the competitions. Teams are made up of at least four members and are given individual as well as team scores.

The Equine Management contest is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students current horse evaluation and selection techniques in addition to developing management skills necessary for success in the equine industry. The members are also required to identify tack, equipment, breeds, colors, plants, and more. Faith Denkewalter placed 26th and Hailey Combs placed 46th out of 516 people.

The Milk Quality and Products team must determine the following: milk defects and their scores, if a product is dairy or non-dairy and the product’s fat content, somatic cell count of a bulk tank sample by using the California Mastitis Test, and the types of cheese and their characteristics. Participants also take a test and would normally participate in a team activity, with this year’s contest being virtual, the team activity was not applicable. The team placed 6th in the state. The team consisted of Marah Kerns, Trey Williams, Kendra Baccus, and Phoebie Heatherly.

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By Hailey Combs, Urbana FFA Reporter, and Marah Kerns, Urbana FFA Student Advisor.

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