The Rosewood Livestock 4-H Club had its first meeting of the year on Feb. 28 at the Adams Township House. Once the meeting was called to order the 4-H Pledge was recited. Roll call was taken and voting took place for our new 2021 Officers. Pres: Claire Lensman, Vice-President: Alaina Faulkner, Secretary: Whitney Faulkner, Treasurer: Drake Lensman, News Reporter: Malia Quesenberry, Recreation: Foster King, Health & Safety: Malayna Melvin and new this year we have added photographer Gus Purk.

We then had the treasurers’ report and old business which was none). We did have a lot of new business.

-Mandatory Quality Assurance @Champaign County Fairgrounds at 4:30 on 03/21/21

-Club fundraiser discussion. Do we want to do a fund raiser? The vote confirmed yes, we will sell refreshments at Star Pig Sale@ 4:00pm on 03/28/21 @ the Champaign County Fairgrounds.

-If you have any interest in Pork Princess or Pork Queen, get with Mindy Lensman.

-Kenny Lensman gave everyone safety precautions about pig diseases…i.e. PED and PRRS. When visiting barns be sure to wear booties.

The following meetings are as follows:

04/18/21 @ 4:30

05/16/21 @ 4:30

06/13/21 @ 4:30

July TBD

July Set up @ fair

August 6th-13th Champaign Co. Fair

Malia Quesenberry, Club Reporter

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